Monday, April 6, 2009

Travel Product and Services

I am not big on endorsing products, but if you are ever in my position (moving, relocating, traveling), I am sure you will find these useful -

1. Used cardboard boxes is green and cheaper alternative to the other moving boxes out there. Mine arrived in exactly 48 hours and the 'Average Joe' package was perfect for all our stuff.
2. Moving companies are notorious for poor service, overriding their initial quote and shoddy packing. The crew from Hi-Touch moving was courteous, gave us a reasonable $90 an hour quote and were even fun! It was raining the day of our move and the apartment was on a busy intersection, but they got everything out of the door and into the truck in 2 hours flat.
3. Extra Space Storage has the cleanest spaces of all the long-term storage facilities we went to. I was greatly disappointed in the 'extras' that other companies throw in - moldy walls, renter's insurance, uneven floors and spaces that look like a prison cell.
4. Earth Class Mail rocks! Our mail is getting forwarded to ECM. They send us email alerts with full scanned copies of mail that we can read online. They even provide the option of shreding, recycling or archiving your mail. It is also used by active duty army officers and American expats living abroad.
5. Catalog Choice is fantastic way to reduce your catalog clutter.

1. Steripen - is a great alternative to iodine tablets, especially since the pediatrician said that Isaac shouldn't be drinking iodine purified water continuously. We are using it to sterilize hotel tap water, saving us a lot of money on bottled water.
2. Pac Safe is an expensive travel accessory but hopefully will be worth the investment for the many overnight train journeys we will be making along this trip.

Hope this helps!

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