Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Prague, Chech Republic - Day 52-55 : Wrestling tourist mobs!

It took us 4 hours and 3 different trains to get us from the lil' town of Velke Mezirci (where Lucia and Matt had their reception) to Prague. There are buses that ply that route in less than 2 hours but getting Isaac to actually sit on a bus seat seemed highly improbable, so we opted for the train(s).

Prague is pretty without a doubt but what overwhelmed me was the quantum of tourists (even in this cold damp weather!). At times I was elbow wrestling just to get them from stepping on my toes. T had to fly to London for a potential job interview, so Isaac and I had about a day to ourselves. With T gone, I stuck to simple domesticity - walked through town, took Isaac to a park beneath Charles Bridge and cooked a Kerala fish curry paired with some chilled Chech beer. Large departments stores (such as TESCO) are so homogenised, even in Prague I can pick up the fish, coconut milk and spices to make such a peculiarly regional dish!

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Shilpa Jacobie said...


I have a lot of catching to do with your blog. The last post I read was when you were in Finland. I loved reading this post. It's just amazing to read about the experiences you, T, and Isaac are having on this journey, not to mention inspiring.
Also, I think you are a born writer. :)

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