Saturday, May 30, 2009

Trebic, Chech Republic - Day 51: Lucia & Matt's wedding

It was pouring outside when Lucia and Matt exchanged rings. I know because I was standing outside to muffle my toddler's tantrum. The wedding was a warm and personal event and we had so much of fun hanging out with Lucia & Matt's family.

Lucia was our son's babysitter/nanny for 6 months and Isaac was so attached to her. In New York, he ran down the hall every morning to greet her. He was elated to see Lucia again after all these weeks. He has a problem with Matt - the other man in her life now, but they seem to be making progress.

I love this video of the reception - all the musicians in the band are Lucia's cousins. Isaac was a bit confounded at first, but rocked the dance floor later in the evening.

Pictures from the wedding on our FB album.

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suveerb said...

this is a so funny ... isaac is so lost!! i still can't believe you didn't bring to bombay when you came!!!

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