Thursday, May 28, 2009

Budapest, Hungary - Day 49 : Inviting Waters

The Buda castle, the Parliment building and the beautiful bridges over the Danube light up like a Christmas tree in the evenings, making it perhaps the most romantic city I have visited after Paris. Thus far (and I type this nearly 2 weeks after I have left Budapest) it is the one city I would love to live and work in some day.

And if the waters of the Danube aren't enough, Budapest's 100 thermal springs (more than any other world capital) are reason enough to bring me back. We spent an evening at the Gellert Spa - soaking in the healing thermal baths and cooling pools surrounded by a melange of mosaic tiles, Roman columns and domed glass roofs that streams light in like the fingers of God. And all of this for a mere 3100 Forint (15 $)!!

Pictures of beautiful Budapest (and Gellert Spa) on my FB album.

*Travel Tips for Parents*:

The Gellert Spa is perfect for a toddler. There are 3 children's pools but children are welcome in other pools as well. We took turns splashing with our son at an outdoor heated pool (one of the more lukewarm ones) while we explored the sex-segregated saunas, massages and baths. They also have a convenient family changing room that can be rented as part of the entrance fee.

We stayed at Town Hall Apartments - a very child friendly apartment rental company which provided a baby cot at no extra charge. There is a DM pharmacy (for diapers & wipes) and a large playground right outside the building.

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