Thursday, May 21, 2009

L'viv, Ukraine - Day 42 : Toddler Menace

We are in the historic city of L'viv in Ukraine. The primary attraction is the old town dating to the 13th century - which has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. This is Ukraine's bible belt, choc-full of churches and cathedrals. After the 5th church we stopped counting.

We spent the morning shopping at the local market for basic provisions - a fascinating old-world experience that reminded us of what grocery shopping was like before the emergence of supermarkets. I will be uploading pictures to our Ukraine FB album.

We checked into our rental apartment - a lovingly renovated unit in a historic building.

An hour after settling into the apartment, we found our toddler scribbling on the wall with a permanent marker....which led to a rather embarrassing call to the owner.

And this after having dealt with another situation yesterday. During checkout from our Kyiv apartment, we were told that we had run up a 88 Grivna bill ($11)for a call to Stockholm. We denied the charge but T suspects that our son may have something to do with it :)

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Anonymous said...

Uh oh, toddlers are toddlers wherever you take them!

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