Friday, May 29, 2009

Bratislava, Slovakia - Day 50 : Europe's youngest capital

Bratislava may be Europe's youngest capital but it has a long and myriad history, having served as the capital of the Habsburg Monarchy. The old town is packed with Baroque churches and medieval towers - but we didn't get to see it all because of the torrential downpour on the ONE day that we had in Bratislava!

When we walked through the old town, it was getting a major face-lift. All the buildings are being repainted in pastels (!) and there is a definite push to make the city more attractive to visitors (large and swanky tourist information centers). Perhaps Bratislava is trying to attract at least a sliver of the tourists that overrun Prague every day and rightfully so. It has an interesting mixture of Soviet architecture and 16th century buildings, and is just 60 kms from Vienna. If you are ever in the vicinity, it's definitely worth a visit.

We wanted to make it to the Novy Most - a futuristic UFO bridge over the Danube built by the Soviets but never did because of the weather. So we did what anyone does when it rains - found a warm place to sit down and dig into food. T got this delicious plate of 'Makovegulky' - warm gooey poppy seed dumplings.

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